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NanoFEM Platform - Documentation Draft

“NanoFEM platform” is a new scientific research environment for providing a modelling for Technology CAD (TCAD) simulations of nanoscale devices, such as MOSFET transistors.

The simulation in NanoFEM platform is based on solving partial differential equations corresponding to physical processes in modelled devices. A user or developer can provide these equations in variational forms, and can define solver modules based on finite element method (FEM), with ability of automatic generation of finite elements and finite element forms. Modules can define fields for simulation and visualization and boundary conditions. Simple boundary conditions and material properties can be also defined directly in graphical user interface. Geometry for the solved case can be defined either in graphical user interface or in Python scripts. Quality tetrahedron finite element meshes necessary for FEM simulations are created automatically.

Research report for ERCIM (The European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics):
pdf https://fellowship.ercim.eu/.../055_Gayer_FP_2007_2008_SR_CNR.pdf

1. Introduction

1.1. Format of documentation

Documentation is provided in HTML format. Each chapter is represented by one HTML page. Documentation in one page format (which would be also suitable for printing) is available here.

Terms which are typed in Courier family font and are highlighted represent either commands that are expected to be put in shell console, in text editor, etc., depending on context in which are placed. Example:

sudo apt-get install gcc make

1.2. Rationale

Combination of finite element 1.1 , preprocessor and postprocessor Salome 1.2 together with finite element solver Dolfin were during our studies and practical experiments proved to be one of the best (if not the best one) open source solution for numerical solution of general partial differential equations 1.3 on tetrahedral 1.4 mesh.

1.3. Presentation

You can consider viewing presentation: Codename “NanoFEM Platform” - software architecture and components , which contains an overview of basic results discussed in this documentation.