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Problems of Visualization of Technological Processes


In Proceedings of the 35th conference on Winter simulation. Norfolk, Omnipress, ACM, 2003, p. 746-754. ISBN 0-7803-8132-7.

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This paper deals with problems of visualization of dynamic phenomena. An effort to develop new visualization schemes has been described. The main idea is to extend approaches used in the case of visualization of phenomena of static nature into an environment where dynamic phenomena are investigated and visualized. We introduced the “level of detail” approach in time scaling in the environment of dynamic processes where time plays a primary role. In the case of visualization of dynamic phenomena the users are looking for specific dynamic patterns that should help them to understand in a better way the nature of dynamic processes under investigation. A new approach that should meet these requirements has been developed. This approach has been verified by means of two systems used for simulation and visualization of technological processes that are of a dynamic nature.

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