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Added June 29, 2013 /  Category: Simulation, Visualization / Author: Marek Gayer
Unified Solids

The geometrical models in Geant4 and ROOT are used to describe the experimental setups in simulation or reconstruction programs and include the implementation of geometrical solid primitives as building blocks for the description of complex detector setups. These include a large collection of 3D primitives, ranging from simple shapes like boxes, tubes or cones to more complex ones, also allowing for Boolean combinations among these.

Added December 2, 2009 /  Category: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Simulation, Visualization / Author: Marek Gayer , Tommi Karhela
Symantics/CFD - Integration of CFD modelling in multi-level process simulation

Computer Simulation Technology research team at VTT studies and develops software platforms related to the application of computational methods in industry. The mission is to accelerate the deployment of modelling and simulation. One main product of the team is large scale process simulation software called Apros. Currently a new operating environment for different simulation tools is developed. This open source platform is called Simantics.

Added November 3, 2009 /  Category: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Simulation, Visualization / Author: Marek Gayer , Milan Milovanovic , Ole Morten Aamo
Our simulation framework architecture overview

During my fellowship, I collaborated with prof. Ole Morten Aamo and his PhD student Milan Milovanovic. Our project dealt with finding strategies for vortex shedding control around cylinders in 2D space domain. My research and responsibility was to make software analysis and implementation of optimal software codes for the solved problems (by means of performance, maintainability and extendibility) to allow us to simulate and verify using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solvers our control strategy proposals.

Added June 9, 2009 /  Category: NanoFEM platform, Simulation, Visualization / Author: Marek Gayer , Giuseppe Iannaccone
Nanofem Platform Overview


NanoFEM platform is a new research environment based on the finite element method (FEM) for Technology CAD (TCAD) simulation and visualization of nanoscale devices, such as MOSFET transistors. The simulation in NanoFEM platform is based on solving partial differential equations corresponding to physical processes in modelled devices.

Added February 1, 2008 , Last update April 15, 2009 /  Category: NanoFEM platform, Simulation, Visualization / Author: Marek Gayer
Nanofem Platform Documentation

“NanoFEM platform” is a new scientific research environment for providing a modelling for Technology CAD (TCAD) simulations of nanoscale devices, such as MOSFET transistors.

Added June 1, 2005 /  Category: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Simulation, Visualization / Author: Marek Gayer

The My Pulverized Coal Combustion is a realtime interactive application for modelling and analysis of combustion in industry boilers. It is based on a simple fluid simulator, which allows realtime simulation of air flow inside the boiler area. The computation of combustion process is maintained using special particle system, which is by its nature suitable for both visualisation and simulation of the combustion processes inside the boilers. The application is suited especially for interactive design of boilers and for education purposes.

Added May 31, 2005 /  Category: Visualization / Author: Marek Gayer

A simple application with available source code for measuring performance of various methods for visualization of particle systems using OpenGL. Could be useful for people which efforts to implement fast particle systems based on OpenGL

License: Freeware

Added September 30, 2000 /  Category: Visualization / Author: Marek Gayer

Graphical library MGL is the result of my effort during creation of my diploma thesis. It is a 2D graphical library, which for visualization uses OpenGL. I have used this library also during my PhD studies.

License: GNU Lesser General Public License

Added January 2, 1998 /  Category: Visualization / Author: Marek Gayer

Cybertek Game Development Kit (CGDK)

CGDK is a development kit for graphical applications and games for DOS. Features includes VGA, X-Mode, VESA graphical routines, smooth and fast scrolling, fonts, sprite and font extraction and animation, FLC animation, pallete routines, some special graphical effects, window management and user interface, IPX and serial port networking, keyboard, joystick and mouse input handling, timer routines, LZW compression, file archive routines and cdrom audio. Source code includes over 50.000 lines of code.

License: GNU Lesser General Public License

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