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1. prosinec 2000 /  Sekce: Publikace - Kategorie: Rest publications / Autor: Marek Gayer , Pavel Slavík

In User Interfaces Visualization, 8th Bilateral student workshop. HTW Dresden, 2000.

30. září 2000 /  Sekce: Projekty - Kategorie: Visualization / Autor: Marek Gayer

Graphical library MGL is the result of my effort during creation of my diploma thesis. It is a 2D graphical library, which for visualization uses OpenGL. I have used this library also during my PhD studies.

License: GNU Lesser General Public License

1. červenec 2000 /  Sekce: Publikace - Kategorie: PhD and Master Thesis / Autor: Marek Gayer

This diploma work is dealing with issues of current graphical adapters for PC and their software interfaces. It includes both design and implementation of graphical library called MGL, which is focused for use with 2D graphics. This library is based on OpenGL graphical interface. This library has been tested by using of several demonstration and testing applications. The tests were performed on several platforms and systems.

2. leden 1998 /  Sekce: Projekty - Kategorie: Visualization / Autor: Marek Gayer

CGDK is a development kit for graphical applications and games for DOS. Features includes VGA, X-Mode, VESA graphical routines, smooth and fast scrolling, fonts, sprite and font extraction and animation, FLC animation, pallete routines, some special graphical effects, window management and user interface, IPX and serial port networking, keyboard, joystick and mouse input handling, timer routines, LZW compression, file archive routines and cdrom audio. Source code includes over 50.000 lines of code.

License: GNU Lesser General Public License

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