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PhD and Master Thesis

Added July 1, 2000 /  Category: PhD and Master Thesis / Author: Marek Gayer

This diploma work is dealing with issues of current graphical adapters for PC and their software interfaces. It includes both design and implementation of graphical library called MGL, which is focused for use with 2D graphics. This library is based on OpenGL graphical interface. This library has been tested by using of several demonstration and testing applications. The tests were performed on several platforms and systems.

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Added June 2, 2005 , Last update May 5, 2006 /  Category: PhD and Master Thesis / Author: Marek Gayer

My PhD thesis, which was defended 27.4.2006 in Czech Technical university in Prague.

The field of my research was applied Computational Fluid Dynamics - particularly simulation and visualization of combustion processes, based on fast computation of air flow using effective computational schemes for Euler equations and particle systems. It resulted in creation of real-time fluid based methods for interactive modelling of combustion dynamics in industry coal boilers used in power plants.

  • The .pdf document contains the PhD thesis itself
  • The .ppt document is the presentation before the defence committee
  • The .zip package contains the PhD thesis statement, reviews of the thesis by Doc. RNDr. Andrej Ferko, PhD, Prof. Vassilis Gekas and doc. Dr. Ing. Pavel Zemčík
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